100% Natural GMO-free No additives Nutrient Rich

100% Natural GMO-free

Sharing the best
that nature provides
Without the need for additives, chemicals, or genetic modification.

At Alflora, we are passionate about animals of all shapes and sizes and believe that the best possible care starts with the best possible feed and bedding products.

That’s why we use processes that package the best that Mother Nature can provide, and use methods to preserve their nutrients.

No nasties.

100% natural and GMO-free. We don’t believe nature needs additives, so there is no added sugar or anything else, allowing you to give the best possible product, alongside the best possible care.

High quality nutrition.

Worldwide research in animal nutrition proves the high quality of alfalfa protein. This, and our other forage, also provide necessary fibre to maintain optimum health for a huge array of animals.

preserving plant power.

The production and storage process of our product preserves the natural nutrient complement of the plant without the need for additives, glues or chemicals. From nature to nurture.

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Alflora was borne from the concept of sourcing naturally great products to compliment great quality care.